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How To Submit Claim Report

Step #01

You can submit claims by writing

Step #02

Your claim will be processed by a claims handler

Step #03

If an expert is needed, he will contact the party who has suffered the loss or damage within 48 hours

Step #4

The expert assesses the loss and draws up a report

Step #5

The expert will repair the damage or provide emergency provisions in the event of a storm, burglary and water or fire damage

Step #6

Once we have received all the relevant information, you will receive a reply from us within 8 working days. In most cases, we can immediately see whether your damage or loss is covered. In some cases, we require additional information. If this is the case, you will also hear from us within 8 working days

Submitting your claim in writing

Select your type of insurance cover, download the claim form and complete it. Send the completed form to:

support @ hashdeck.com

No stamp required!

Claim form;


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