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Employers – At Your Service

HashDeck can be your bridge to a fruitful future.

There are certains steps and guidelines that will help you and both the freelancer during the process.

Below we have selected the most important ones.

1. The welcome message;

Give clear information about your business that is on your profile page.

The welcome message that you are willing to send to the freelancer has to be your personalized communication. It will be kind to let them know you’re looking forward to the partnership. Share with the freelancer how to best contact you during the workflow.

2. Share project details together;

The more details you provide, the better the freelancer can assist you. The details you provide will outline exactly what you have in mind for he project. It’s necessary that the before the projects starts everything will be clear for the freelancer so. It’s for example an idea to make a small presentation that includes the details of the project so the freelancer can always look at this document (when needed).

Send a proposal so that a freelancer will be excited to work together.

3. Set up a phone/video call;

The advice is to set up a phone or video call with the freelancer. It’s an idea to organize a team call meet up if the project is with more than one freelancer. Be upfront about the duration of the meeting. Explain what has to be done, show the schedule and ask the freelancer if everything is clear. Give the freelancer space to ask questions that will be appreciated for sure. It’s important to appreciate the time of the freelancer thank him or her for the time.

4. Ready, set, go!;

Now that the freelancer knows the schedule he or she can start the work! Give the freelancer space to ask questions if there is something. Know that we are all human and it can happen that something isn’t that clear anymore. A reflection for the both of you can help keep up the good work. Always show appreciation.

5. The final state;

So finally the project is done. Reflect with the freelancer how the project was. It’s important that as a company you’re satisfied with the service the freelancer gave you. You can plan in another skype meeting or phone call. If you are satisfied don’t forget to Give them a recommendation on the website. Show appreciation. They help them build a good reputation, stamp their authority and stand out from other freelancer!

HashDeck is here for you!

If you have any more questions our helpdesk is there to help you.

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