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Freelancers – At Your Service

Hashdeck can be your bridge to a financial bright future!

There are certains steps and guidelines that will help you and both the businessowner during the process.

Below we have selected the most important ones;

1. The welcome message

It’s time to make a good first impression. Clear communication upfront is one of the keys for a successful partnership. Introduce yourself at your general profile. And be sure that you make some kind of agreement where both parties are happy with. A business can choose any freelancer so it’s very important to stand out with your welcome message and in your general profile.

2. Share project details together

Be upfront about your work/branding strategy with the company your going to work for. Listen to the requirements from the company and ask questions until the process is clear for you. Asking for examples of the requirements is a good one too.

3. Set up a phone/video call

The advice is to set up a phone or video call before everything will start. It also could be that the person you are going to work will invite you for a team call meet up. The company can show some examples and it’s overall to build that extra trust base. Don’t be shy to ask questions. Know that the business or person who hired you doesn’t have all time in the world so ask in a friendly way upfront before the phonecall how long he wants to explain about this project. Say that you respect his or her time.

4. Know the schedule

you need to know the deadlines. You can also ask the person or business you work for if you are needed in the future. And you can tell that you are motivated to help in the near future. The most important is that you know your schedule for this upcoming project.

Hashdeck is here for you

If you have any more questions our helpdesk is there to help you

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