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How To Start Hiring

Start Today For A Great Future

Below you find easy and quick information how the process works, when you want to start on HashDeck. We can offer you work globally!

  • Make A Profile!

    Make a profile!

    Give clear information about your business that is on your profile page. If you have a decent profile the changes will be higher that the freelancers will trust you more.
    We made it very easy for you just click on this link below to signup and make a profile!

  • Post A Job Offer!

    Post a job offer!

    You have to post a Job Offer first before the freelancers can do the work for you.

    You can post a job listing here: Freelancers will react on the job listing you’ve posted.

  • Ready, Set Go!

    Ready, set go!

    When you’ve found the most suitable freelancer for the job you can get in touch with eachother so you can discuss the ins and outs of the choosen project.

    If there are any question left please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us you can find the details at our clientsupport page.


Making Serious Profit

Manage Your Profitable Account

We at HashDeck want to create value to your businesslife. So thats why we
made it possible to connect with all kinds of freelancers all over the world.

  • Profile


    Explain yourself more at your profile so you can attract the right type of
    people for a the job.

  • Winning Time!

    Winning Time!

    If you hire a freelancer you can actually save time by giving tasks
    away in other hands. We simply can’t do everything on our own. You’ll be very time conscious when you hire a freelancer.

  • Connect


    You have access to a large network of freelancers at HashDeck!


Getting Into Business

Focus On Your Work & Team

Being a freelancer gives you the ability to get into business without needing
to manage a whole team of people. If you are a buyer you can select the
people who offer good quality on HashDeck!

  • Make A Decision

    Make a decision

    You are your own boss and you can decide wheter you want to
    accept a project or not.

  • Select Your Team

    Select your Team

    When you’re a buyer at HashDeck you can find several freelancers on our website. In this way you can just select a team of professionals who can help you.

  • Get It done!

    Get it done!

    Working as a freelancer at HashDeck can be the bridge to a financial bright future. However we expect from the freelancers who work on the website that they take the work serious and that they will strive for high quality.